We are a food lab located in Alexandroupolis who always strove for exceptional tastes and qualitative food. As the years went by, the outstanding and unique flavors of the Greek products stimulated our interests. It was through this process that the idea of globally recognizing and effectively utilizing the Greek goods was conceived. We wanted to initiate and highlight our own flavors through testing different products which was the spark that led to the establishment of “VROSIS”, our personal food lab. We were guided by the remarkable flavor of “tahini”, which is a unique raw material that we want to integrate in our everyday diet and routine.  Tahini has been characterized as  Superfood due to its high content in proteins, complex B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Along with legumes and nuts, it can effectively replace animal protein. It is considered to be an ideal food for groups of people with a need for increased protein intake, such as children, athletes and the elderly. It is beneficial, as it can assist in bone health, proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system while boosting our immune system, providing us with spiritual well-being, eliminating fatigue, keeping hair and nails in good condition, reinforcing immune absorption, contributing to a healthy heart and more.



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Alexandroupoli, Greece
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