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...when Greek tradition meets fresh ideas!


100% natural spreads based on tahini

Mixed with cranberries, goji berries, white chocolate and couvertoure chocolate, to satisfy every demanding palate.


Tahini spread cranberry

An extraordinary combination with yoghurt, is to blend it with that particular sweet and sour fruit. Stir a teaspoon spread with yoghurt and half a handful of nuts and you will be absolutely contented.


Tahini spread goji berry and orange flavoring

Its nutritional value lies upon the fact that 100gr of tahini give us 31gr of vegetable protein without any animal preservatives.


Tahini spread white chocolate

White chocolate stems from the Theobromacacao tree that is said to be the food of gods.


Tahini spread couverture chocolate

There is not much to say about this product, except its delightful taste. The couvertoure pieces move towards the palate making this spread exquisite.


...besides their own properties as super foods, it contains more…. Super healthy ingredients, like cranberries, goji berries and sesame oil. Originating from Alexandroupoli and having the love of Efthimiadis family as a driving force, it took the Vrωsis tahini spread just a year since its release, to begin its trip to Greece and the world markets. Its desire is to offer new tasty notes to the public in a very healthy way. All spreads are 100% handmade without any  added sugar, preservatives or additives.

It was in the spring of 2019 when, inspired by our love for tahini, which has its place on our table every  single day and taking advantage of the tradition of Thrace’s sesame cultivation, Efthimiadis family founded VRωSIS company, which creates exceptional  tahini spreads. The idea came up from using tahini in their daily nutrition and wanted to enjoy it, in a healthier and tastier way by adding more selected ingredients.


VRωSIS tahini spreads are also available in smaller packages of 30 grams, offered individually or in a wooden gift box. Their taste and pleasant texture may give an alternative new note to the breakfast of Hotels or restaurants which offer breakfast or brunch.

Tahini spreads by VRωSIS are handmade, with high quality ingredients which stand out for their unique flavor and their original combination without any added sugar, preservatives or additives. Full selected raw materials, they are intended for anyone who wants to welcome a new unique experience in their eating habits.

Our vision

It Is related with the recognition. We hope for good corps for all producers and expect that the Greek land will never stop providing us with its valuable raw materials which we share in our daily meals. Personally we hope in new gastronomic enjoyments to surprise every demanding palate, so we can contribute to the spreading of the unique Greek products.




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